its time to say goodnight and goodbye to the internet for tonight. Cause. of. SCHOOL. As you already know. SO peace my Aliens and Waliens. NO Offense to other fan names such as Directioner (i am one) Mahomie (not really) Belieber (who dont love the biebs atleast a little bit.


10th Post.

Wow. in double digits now. arent you proud. I would hope so. or not. its not like i care or anything. SO first day. Stats: 1 comment that was not by me. But, i did know the commenter. If my birthday hadnt passed already i would wish for people to like this blog. my birthday was August 31. it was normal and boring.


So. This little weekend is over tonight at midnight, yet. There IS a bright side to tonight. One Directions Single is coming out on iTunes tonight at midnight. Also, i only have 4 days of school this week. BUT, its still school. So now you know something about me, I hate school. sometimes its alright so its a partial hate. but still its so normal.


  • A little info bout moi. I make websites. All of them suck. Really bad. but i have a little geeklyness hope in this one so. Give me your best shot! ideas/ anything tell moi!

    This is a cat named Geniene


This is a post. OBVI. if you didn’t think this was a post. then you’re not a geek or a nerd. cause here this is what this website is about. Not really i was just needing a website name.Image

New PJ movie!

PJ means Percy Jackson in a nerd way. You heard?! The second movie is coming out in August next year!  Im am already planning to go see it a midnight. Not really.


i wanna know more about you. you don’t really know much about me. but how are we supposed to be friends like this?! OK. lets make a deal information in exchange for information. I will tel, you about me. ya know, all the geek stuff. and then you tell me something about you. or the other way around. you can give me suggestions or if you have a twitter you can follow me i follow back. and you can dm me. if you want.

Totes. :/

Totes. What does that mean to you? Does it mean: anyone who says that is a prep? Or… I love saying totes. Its hilarious and it annoys people. Well to me it just means.. well i don’t really know, but. I do know that someone out there has a favorite song i haven’t heard yet. So, as a blogga i encourage you to tell me the song title, artist, and if its geek, nerd, geekly or just plain normal. i would hope its totes geekly.

My Language is your language.

So. You probably noticed the site is called meisgeek. That means the people that i know and they know me would probably consider me as either a geek or a nerd. And i agree. so if i call anything nerd or geek or geekly its awesome, rad, coral, (giggle). and if i say its normal. No. just No. not good. to me. but Normal people are fine just wonderful. :/. but its just the word normal im using. so embrace the language of meisgeek.