Ghost Adventures.

Its one of my favorite shows. It has suspense and a lot of creepiness lingering in it. I love the show and the guys in it too, Thanks Aaron, Nick, and Zak


Hi and Goodmorning.

Man you look exhausted. Have you had your morning OJ?  Well you need it. I get a beagle today. And… underpressure… i had to pick a name good enough for my dad. Yeah so the poor puppys name is going to be Porthos. And i typed that right.


Have you ever spraypainted?! Let me tell you it makes you feel awesome… well it did me. I spraypainted two frames and four leaves black and gold. And a little blacktop. Whoops.


I draw all these One Direction cartoons right? And tweet them to the boys. None have answered me yet. Which I expected. But, hey whatever. I love them anyway!


So i know my friends are going on this “special” fieldtrip. And i for one did not get the form. It was for the BRAVO kids (bravo is the gifted and talented progam)  And  know i am in BRAVO so im like what the heck. Yeah. So how are you?

Today, At School, for lunch I had…

A banana. ( have to use the song B-A-N-A-N-A-S) And…. Quite Possibly it was the best banana i have ever experienced. And i am serious. That reminds me. This girl at school pronounced superb like superB like super b haha. I snickered. Yeah, snickered. :l

i was minding my own business when…

SO. i was listening to Pandora ya know doin mah THANG when a Jesse McCartney (sorry for spelling?) song comes on, on a One Direction Radio. I mean… WHAT THE HECK. but, of course i knew the song. so i sang along. It was kinda like one of those books where it has The worst best christmas ever. Yeah, like that.

I had school today

and it sucked.bad. we are talking about a little thing i like to call Ancient Egypt (but seriously thats what people call it)so if u know me at all u know i LOVE ANCIENT HISTORY so yeah BANL (be a nerd later)