Ghost Adventures.

Its one of my favorite shows. It has suspense and a lot of creepiness lingering in it. I love the show and the guys in it too, Thanks Aaron, Nick, and Zak


School has posessed me.

School should not be seven or eight hours long. I think we should leave at one pm. Or less time. Thats all.

Hi and Goodmorning.

Man you look exhausted. Have you had your morning OJ?  Well you need it. I get a beagle today. And… underpressure… i had to pick a name good enough for my dad. Yeah so the poor puppys name is going to be Porthos. And i typed that right.


Have you ever spraypainted?! Let me tell you it makes you feel awesome… well it did me. I spraypainted two frames and four leaves black and gold. And a little blacktop. Whoops.


I draw all these One Direction cartoons right? And tweet them to the boys. None have answered me yet. Which I expected. But, hey whatever. I love them anyway!


So i know my friends are going on this “special” fieldtrip. And i for one did not get the form. It was for the BRAVO kids (bravo is the gifted and talented progam)  And  know i am in BRAVO so im like what the heck. Yeah. So how are you?

Today, At School, for lunch I had…

A banana. ( have to use the song B-A-N-A-N-A-S) And…. Quite Possibly it was the best banana i have ever experienced. And i am serious. That reminds me. This girl at school pronounced superb like superB like super b haha. I snickered. Yeah, snickered. :l

i was minding my own business when…

SO. i was listening to Pandora ya know doin mah THANG when a Jesse McCartney (sorry for spelling?) song comes on, on a One Direction Radio. I mean… WHAT THE HECK. but, of course i knew the song. so i sang along. It was kinda like one of those books where it has The worst best christmas ever. Yeah, like that.

I had school today

and it sucked.bad. we are talking about a little thing i like to call Ancient Egypt (but seriously thats what people call it)so if u know me at all u know i LOVE ANCIENT HISTORY so yeah BANL (be a nerd later)