Tweeting Fail.

So … I tweeted Real_Liam_Payne (Liam Payne’s twitter handle) about my dream about the owl apocalypse (more on that later) and then tweeted him about this blog nothing. Nothing. So sad. So dang sad . And pitiful. 😦


Who Likes….

Waking Up early on a Saturday? Not me! But, I don’t mind I don’t want my mom to have to go to wherever shes going alone… 🙂

Friday Party!

So it’s finally Friday… And I know what that means!!!! Weekend!!! Duh… I am actually not excited for this weekend but I hope everyone else is… I need ideas on what to post about? Suggestions?

So, Performance Tomorrow At School…

At my school the band and choir always perform at holiday concerts. Such as Halloween, Christmas, and Veterans Day. So we have only practiced the song for 3 days. Which, is not enough to us. Personally, I am not ready to perform in front of the Veterans. But, hopefully we will do okay and it will be a great program. Anyway, If you are reading this… Have a good day/night/afternoon. And I hope this website entertains you. Wish me luck on the concert! 🙂

So True.

So I found this picture on Google Images. And, well, it is SO TRUE. This person basically expressed the truth about school.

Yup. the truth. behind. everything.

So It’s Confirmed

If you saw my post about the Hobbit movie tickets, you know that I said there might be a possibility of me seeing the midnight showing of the film with my dad. Well, today it was confirmed. I am going to see the film with my dad at midnight. But, what I didn’t know is that I had a choice. And I thought of when Dad took us to see all the other midnight showings only two that I remember though (the Hunger Games and Percy Jackson). And, I decided I would go see it with him. Cause that’s how I am. I love you Dad. 😛 😀

Dreaming of a White Christmas

All Day. All NIght. Ready For Christmas. Bring it On.

I know it is a tad on the early side to be thinking of Christmas but when I saw these gorgeous, understated decorations on the Cox and Cox website, I just couldn’t resist a little bit of festive musing. These delightful earthy ornaments will give you a natural minimal look for a very stylish Christmas.

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