I really want One Direction to see this….

Ok. Phew. Deep Breath, Ok. As if you would ever see this…….

Dear One Direction,

You don’t know me. You don’t follow me on Twitter, You’ve never tweeted me, or met me. The only reason you may know my name is because of my Twitter profile. I watch your videos every day. I listen to your music every day too.  And yes, when I listen to you on my iPod in the car, I act like I’m in a music video.  Am I embarrassed? No. I know 98.5% everything about you. Do I think that’s weird? I would if I wasn’t in love with you. I live in Kentucky. You are coming on June 16 in Louisville to the KFC Yum! Center. I’ve begged and begged my Mum to take me. Too expensive, she says. You are more than half of my bucket list. And you may not believe it. But, I am Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply, in love with you. I think every song of yours is Magic and Everything About You is absolutely Irrestible. I wish I could go back to the day I discovered you and do It all Over Again. It’s the Little Things that make me smile. US Directioners Live While We’re Young and “waste” time obsessing over you guys. We all want to Kiss You and be your Last First Kiss. But, C’mon, C’mon it just doesn’t happen like that. When you smile you give us a Heart Attack. You Rock Me, along with everyone else. And when I want to do something not related to you; you Change My Mind. If I could get everything with you guys in it or on it, I Would. If I ever knew you and ever left, trust me, I’d come Back For You. Other fan bases laugh at us. But, They Don’t Know About Us. You are our Summer Love (as well as winter, fall, and spring too). The girl that gets made fun of because they like you, well, you could say She’s Not Afraid of anyone. Every single one of your fans will say “Nobody Compares to One Direction.” I say it. Next year we will still say you’re Still The One. Because you belong to us, your Directioners, we Loved You First. And I want you to Take Me Home.


McKayla, A Directioner Forever,




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