Book Idea

My nightmare started like this. I was running through what looked like abandoned city. All around me buildings were burning and debris was falling everywhere. The air was filled with thick smoke and was clouded with pollution. Just then I dodged a piece of what must have been an old desk. I jumped over an over-turned car. That’s when I made a mistake. I turned around. Behind me was a gigantic monstrosity. (literally) Taller than the Empire State Building, this monster shook the ground vigorously as it took a semi-truck in hand and threw it in the opposite direction. Shaking, I turned back around and ran as fast as I could. The creature behind me suddenly made a horrible shriek so loud I was sure people all over the world could here it. I kept running until I came to the forest edge. Not thinking, I ran in. I weaved in and out of trees, occasionally the shirt I was wearing got snagged by loose branches. I saw a clearing up ahead and ran faster. The clearing was huge. There was a garden, a lake, several other buildings and lastly a glorious light painted house. It was three-story, with a wrap-around porch. Hearing the creature shriek again, I ran towards the house. The door as ajar, so I went right in. I was surprised to see a man sitting at a long table. He was sitting at the head. I managed an “Um..” He looked up, as if he hadn’t noticed me. He smiled. He had short black hair with a few streaks of gray and a short beard. He was wearing battle armor. With a full-fledged chest-plate and sword hanging at his side. “Ah, my dear. I have been waiting for your arrival.” He said in a deep, yet calming voice. I felt my eyebrows furrow. “Ah, but of course. How could I have forgotten?” He said, but I had a feeling he had asked a rhetorical question. “Shyanna LeRae Connors, you and your friend, Nevaeh Paige Stone, are very special. How? Well, I’m afraid revealing this to you in a dream is far too dangerous. You must meet me and my other pupils here. We will teach you how to harness your powers, while keeping you safe.” He explained.

“Special? Powers? How do you know my name?” I blurted out. He smiled once again and replied, “So curious. Your questions will be answered when we meet.”

“Meet? But.. I don’t know where this is.” I looked at him suspiciously.

You’ll know.” He said simply. I shook my head and opened my mouth to speak but all he said was, “You must awaken.” And with a wave of his hand, I jerked awake in a cold sweat lying in my bed.  



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